Having fun making dreams come true through real estate and home ownership.


To build and grow a faith-based real estate company that is passionate about being the best at what they do by providing clients the ultimate experience and providing the ultimate level of stewardship guided by the highest levels of service, expertise, and integrity.  To create a team culture of people who are passionate about being a change agent committed to helping each other and our clients get what they want.  To be, do, and have everything we were put here to do.  To grow and help others grow through personal development, training, and solid leadership.  To be an edumarketing company focusing on wisdom as our guide and with the intention of growing in relationships with each other and our communities.  To live in the priorities of faith, family, and fortune and to bear much fruit in all areas of our lives.  For our team to see the goodness and greatness in everyone and every situation.  To add value to people every day.  To live in love, joy, and peace and pass it on.  To create a company that attracts others because of our excellent values and our high level of performance.  To leverage relationships, systems and technology to create an excellent client experience.  To grow leaders of influence to expand and accomplish purposes that we were put here to do.

Proverbs 24: 3-4 Passion Translation

Wise people are builders—

They build families, businesses, communities.

And through intelligence and insight

Their enterprises are established and endure.

Because of their skilled leadership

The hearts of the people are filled with

The treasures of wisdom and

The pleasures of spiritual wealth.